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... and why we chose this breed o' sheep to raise

I know what it sounds like when I say I first met William - the spiral-horned fellow to the right, here - on the web, and never thought that I'd actually meet him, but that's the truth.

William, a Navajo-Churro ram

When we realized that the two of us shared an interest in investing in heirloom livestock breeds in an effort to give back what the damaging ways of man had tried to destroy, it wasn't long before Navajo-Churro sheep became a focus. A few years back, researching the breed, I was on my friend Karen Loeb's website and found him there in all his glory.

William and the four-horned ram Morris at the top left of the page, here, became the founding fathers of our first breeding herd. Those of you who were raised around livestock know full well why smiling is the appropriate response to, “well, we just dove in …” but it's been a one hell of a wonderful if not pushy journey.

We'll have yarn to sell soon; until then, the lambs pay for themselves in the amusement and focus they provide us. We're looking forward to a winding and twisting life journey with the breed, and, at the behest of conservation groups such as the ALBC and others, more rare breeds will be joining us in the seasons to come.»

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