How we learned to whine in Alpaca

Linda's "Reject Alpaca" Project

One of the best things about spending time at your local feed store, and with your animal's kindly country vet, is that now and again you find yourself being offered the coolest animal friends. We won't discuss the long-term issues raised by Linda's decision to bring home the nice looking pigeons two years ago ... but let's move on to small livestock and happier times.

Now, if you were given the chance to adopt gorgeous guys like Pippin, here, and his brother Merry, wouldn't you?

I don't know a great deal about them, except that they came to us from another farm first, and now, five years into their lives, to us, via a breeder to declared that due to fleece and eye color issues that they didn't make the cut. Linda, in her indubitable Aries optimism, thinks they are wonderful. And, will all due respect to folks we know who raise alpacas for a living, free is a very good price. :)

Unfortunately, Merry passed away three years ago, but since that time Pippin has come into his own as a smaller version of the guard llama our ewes and lambs were deserving of anyway. He has been a patient and doting father to our spring lambs, and a hellion toward the marauding kittens that dare to sneak into the field after the chicken feed. (They know better than to approach any of the birds.) Our goal is to eventually host "a camelid in every field"—we've been quite pleased by his guardian instinct—but we need to put up more fencing first, a thought that leads to the type of language not appropriate for this here web page! Onward!

ps We have learned to whine in Alpaca, express concern in Alpaca, and hum in Alpaca, but that expert pre-spitting thing? We leave that to him. :) We have a great respect for the vocal range of the fellow. If I could, in good conscience, sell the Subaru and invest in more of these fine creatures, I'd do it in a heartbeat. They are wonderful company.

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